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Birthdate:Mar 31
Location:Auckland, New Zealand
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Riptide banner by my most awesome dear friend [info]nickygabriel

Slash is the word. Although I only just found out about it. The word, that is. I have been writing and thinking slash all my life before I even knew what sex was! (Seriously - how many 6 year olds do you know who find Scooby Doo slashy? well that was me).

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Anyway, now I know there's a word (slash) and a place (LJ) so I am here, I am writing and I am VERY VERY HAPPY. If you like Riptide, or slash, or anything really, come and be friends! Let's play!

As long as you're a grown up, that is. I am well over 18 and only other people over 18 need apply.

Oh yeah, the other thing I like, and like yapping about, is books. I read crime mainly, also werewolves, vampires and (because of course it's nearly the same thing - go figure!) historical romance. When I'm in the mood that is. And when I'm not writing slash.

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